Who we are?

Keep Broadcast Solutions came up with the mission of bringing the best technical solutions, according to your needs, both in the technological and financial spheres. The birth of this project coincides with our perception of the Broadcast market, where we see many opportunities to bring improvements, with cutting-edge technologies and with investments tailored to each type of production. As professionals, we had our origins as analysts and this helped us a lot in the studies in this area, which, at least, we can say is charming. We have a lot of love for everything we do and it ends up becoming a great differentiator in doing business with Keep Broadcast.


  • Live Streams/Broadcasts

    We design and manage any type of transmission, after all. We never let the content stop!

  • Equipment Rental/Sale

    Keep Broadcast has the best providers in the broadcast market, with a state-of-the-art technological apparatus!

  • Broadcast/Studio Project's

    Every detail is very important to us! We can take care of your projects from end to end. From the installation of the raised floor to the most diverse acoustic finishes. In our projects, we take into account all the needs of our customers, seeking to work with the most adherent solutions, avoiding waste of resources and guaranteeing the continuity of production.